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Mold Effects on Health

There are many potential health impacts from exposure to moldy and wet conditions or none at all. Molds can irritate certain people. Some persons may experience symptoms from mold exposure such as runny nose, wheezing, red or itchy eyes, or skin. Other people may experience more severe reactions, such as those who have asthma or mold allergies. Those who are exposed to mold are more at risk of developing health issues. Allergy sufferers could be more vulnerable to mold. Fungal infections are more likely to affect people with weakened immune systems or lung conditions. Burke’s Restoration is providing you with the best services to get rid of mold effects on health through mold inspection and mold testing services. Our service areas include Tensed, Hayden, and Greenacres. For more information call us at 208-858-4342 or contact us.

Mold Inspection for Healthier Living

Mold is a dangerous organism that can potentially harm your health as well as the structural integrity of your building, especially in areas where there has been water damage from leaks and spills, high humidity, and inadequate ventilation. It may also smell unpleasant and have an unattractive appearance. It is advised that every building undergo a mold inspection because it can grow covertly in unnoticed areas. Burke’s Restoration has certified professionals who can conduct a thorough inspection to check for any signs of a unique fungal ecology if you're unsure whether mold is present in your building. To protect both the structure and your health, have your home tested for mold immediately away!

Plan a Mold Removal Consultation in Dover & Fernwood

A certified mold inspector from our company will visit your home to collect samples from the air, the ground, and the nearby dust. To determine the quantity and varieties of mold in those specific places, they transmit these samples to a separate laboratory. This process, though, takes time. For a full inspection and access to thermal imaging, get in touch with Burke's Restoration, an IICRC-certified company. Delivering services throughout our service areas including Calder, Newport, Bayview, and Medical Lake. If you see or believe that you have mold growing in your house. You might notice mold before you see it because mold frequently has a potent, musty odor. At Scope Environmental, we provide mold and black mold removal services as well as prevention advice to our clients. Call us at 208-858-4342 or contact us any time as we are here to serve you 24/7 days.




What Customers Say About Burke's Restoration

“Bret was very professional, he explained everything he was going to do before he did it. He was on time everyday, and answered all my questions. He made sure the all any moisture was had dried and got the room ready for new flooring. Thank you Bret for all your hard work!!”

“Cyndy Miller is the most amazing lady. After we lost our house through a fire, Cyndy was there like an angel. Cyndy was so passionate and caring; personable, yet professional. Although we can't wait to move back into our home, it will be bitter-sweet realizing that she won't be around. My wife and I will certainly miss her.”

“Burke’s DKI came to the rescue when my kitchen suffered water damage. They were efficient, knowledgeable, professional and had the proper tools to do the best job. I would definitely recommend Burke’s DKI to anyone faced with damage cleanup. Thanks to Derek, Josh and Cobe!”

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